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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What I've heard from yesterday

Vic Temple took Puday on the Pace 802 bus route and went with him to the ESL class
at the Eglesia Baptiste in Aurora. Puday's teacher is Ruth, the same one that Sandra had in the lowest level class. Mauricio was in level 2 or 3.

Vic reports that Puday seems comfortable with the layout of the route and the 8 block walk from the Aurora Bus terminal on Rt. 25 to the church. He goes on his own today (Tuesday) but Vic will be with him when he gets on the bus right in front of Baker church and Vic will
meet up with him when he gets off at the STC Library. From now on, he should be independently travelling to ESL and back, Monday through Thursday.
The only wrinkle would be if he get off
early - the earliest bus coming back STC leaves at 2:40PM.

Kerri V. said that Paw Kree is doing much better and the kids were fine. No sign of others with sore throats. Kerri is checking on what it would take to get mom and young ones involved in STC Library programs. She has the letter from Pastor Ronni that acts like a "lease" - that and their I-94 refugee IDs should suffice. BTW church
member Carolyn Jones is involved with the library and may be able to help.

Our school district is providing some real TLC for Jeckie - there was a student assigned to Jeckie when he caught his bus and a student ambassador met him at school.
And Mrs. McPeak was to be with him all day! I have not heard how his day at school went.


Emily said...

Hi Ben,
I stopped by this morning with the sewing machine and some sewing supplies and fabric, but the house was dark and no one responded to my knocking. Do you think they were taking naps? It was about 10:30. (Tuesday)

Ben at BMUMC said...

Maybe. I dropped by myself around 11AM.
They were all in the little room near the dining room. Maybe we need to get a
battery door bell.

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