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Friday, October 20, 2006

Puday Bay Weather Report

Debb Murphy and Ben Adams shuttled the family today to the KC Health Dept.
The family received care from a caring and professional group - RN Kathy Swedburg
was so good with the family and new doctor Jennifer Kurka practiced true famly medicine. They linked up with a language translation service via telephone that provided English-to-Burmese translation - no translation was available in the family's native K'ren. Puday seemed to understand enough Burmese and conveyed it to Paw Kree so that they knew exactly what was being done and why.

All in the family were brave in the wave of inoculations that followed. There were some tears, quickly dried by parents and siblings.

On the way back, we realized it would be too late to get the kids back to school, so we stopped off at White Castle. As the kids started to poke at and analyze the bun, meat and pickle square set in front of them, I realized perhaps they are not
yet ready for the slider experience. I began to question my own feelings towards the unnatural shape before us.

When we returned to the house, Puday and I picked up another dryer, hauled it downstairs, and lo and behold - it would cycle but did not generate heat. We left it running for 20 minutes - but still only cool air in exhaust and no heat in the drum! We'll keep trying - fifth time is charm.

We then repaired some rotting steps of the back deck. We cut the new boards and nailed them in and realized we needed some sort of reinforcement for the center of the bottom step. Puday cut and appropriate sized board and when I started to nail it in, he stopped me and made a hand motion that indicated the board would split if I used the same nails as we used on the decking. He grabbed two pairs of pliers, and snapped the top of of one of the nails, popped the headless remnant in a drill, and used it to drill pilot holes - from there driving the nails did not split the board! He's a problem solver and has that can-do attitude.

We heard from Hailey at World Relief that another Burmese-Karen family is headed to our area around 11/7. WR has been in contact with Christ Community Church about possible church involvement with this new family of 4 - mother, older son and 2 younger children. Perhaps our friends at Batavia or Geneva UMC might be interested as well.

The family will be with their friends in Joliet over tonight and tomorrow celebrating a birthday - which reminds me, Paw Kree's is 11/5. They will be at church at the 10:30 service.

All for now, peace


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