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Monday, October 16, 2006

A Saturday morning emergency

On Saturday morning, Paw Kree awoke with a headache and sore throat and possibly coughing up blood. She called
Tau, the daughter of Yo Poe in Joliet.
Tau, in turn, called me to ask for help. Our first instinct was to get her to the Delnor ER, but Kathy and I were about to head out to Wisconsin for a family wedding.

We called Cathie Ruth,and although she had work committments, she was able to take Paw Kree to Delnor. She was diagnosed with strep throat.
Cathie had to get to work, so Meg Bingham was able to stay with Paw Kree, pick up the prescription, and show her how to protect herself and her family from transmission of the infection.

A big thanks for Cathie and Meg and Sarah Giachino, who was on call if needed. I saw Paw Kree briefly this morning and she seems fine. I dropped off some liquid hand soap for each sink.


Meg said...

Ben -

Thanks for posting this news. I forgot about a few other commitments I had and never got a chance to create an email from that big list.

I will add that I stopped over on Sunday to drop by a few warmer things for the baby (including a winter coat/snowsuit), shoes for the boys, and hats and mittens for the older children (from Sarah). I really went to be sure that PawCree was taking her medication correctly. She is and she was looking so much better even on Sunday morning.

Also, all noses seemed to be wiped when I got there and were getting wiped while I was there. That was something that we had talked about on Saturday. It reassures me that they are understanding all the signs and demonstrations. :)

I just can't wait to hear how Pubay did with the bus today! Emily Parson-Green is bringing the sewing machine for PawCree tomorrow (Tues.) That will be so wonderful!!

Kerri said...

I will stop by in a few minutes to check on the family. I hope Jeckie had a good day at Wredling. I am working with Ben to get ID so the family can have library cards so the twins can go to story time.