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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The McRib Sandwich is back!!!

And the company that creates it, Otto and Sons in West Chicago, needs extra workers. Admit it - you've wondered how the contents of the seasonal sandwich can look like a slab of ribs, albeit a small slab, but yet be boneless! Technology is the answer - meat compression machines that turn out the unnatural product 2 shifts a day. And this happens only 6 miles east of us in the industrial west side of West Chicago. We received word of a job opportunity for Puday to be part of the third shift cleanup crew from Justin at World Relief. It was a crazy afternoon of filling out applications, surviving the maze of roads at the FoxValley Mall to get a drug test done, reading OSHA food safety regulations to Dr. Naw as she translated them to Puday in K'ren. And last night he started work!

His coworkers are primarily Mexican/Hispanic workers, maybe a few Russians too. His shift is 9:30PM to 6:00 AM but he says that their work is finished by 4AM. He wears a hairnet and earplugs and a red hardhat. Also red fireman style calf length rubber boots.

It is a good start - he gets $11/hour and he seems OK with the work - "much water - cold and hot" is his description of the work. He also said "No Karen people at work!" He will be working every night until Thanksgiving Day and then they get 3 days off. He is happy to be working and starting to provide for his family. The real issue is how is he going to get any sleep with the mighty twins at play around the house!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Home Village of U CHEE

Puday has expressed sorrow over being away from his mother U Chee. I asked Puday what was the home village of U Chee. Imagine my surprise as he responded in very crisp English, "Elizabeth, New Jersey!" It turns out that the family was separated from U Chee and 3 grandchildren she was taking care of. It happened at the Bangkok airport as Puday and his family were directed to Chicago and U Chee and her charges to NJ.

They have been in contact by phone. I told Puday to be patient - they will be able to see each other again and both groups are safe.

Sarah G. took Paw Kree and the 3 youngest to the Well Child Clinic held at Holy Cross church in Batavia. They were very caring to the family as they checked over the kids.

Ginny and Vic took the twins over to Bethlehem Preschool today and got them registered. They will start on Friday. We will need some roadrunners starting Monday to get the to the preschool and back - pick up at the house at noon and pick up to return at 2:45 PM.

The family is happy to have some Thai videos brought by their Wheaton friends. At first I thought it was Mexican soap operas! Also Zolo and Nali were playing a Spiderman videogame
on the TV - not sure where they got it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To the Library

Puday has received the all important medical card from DHS today. All medical expenses incurred for Paw Kree's strep throat and the various trips to CDH CCC are covered. Delnor and CDH have been given the information.

I marched with the whole family earlier tonight over to the STC Library. Puday was able to register for a card himself and the kids and mom were greeted by long time libarian Denise in the children's section. She rounded up a selection of puzzles for the twins and some early reader books for ZJN (Zolo, Jackie, Nali). Puday also picked out a few VHS videos. Mu Gay Day was more interested in meeting all the other children in the library!

Ginny has checked into Bethlehem pre-school for the twins - there are openings for a M-W-F afternoon program of 10 kids and 2 teachers. Puday said this would be very good for them.

The older kids seem very interested in roller blades. Also the boys have heard of skatebords.
Does anyone have extras of these (and of course we need to check on foot sizes for the rollerblades). The kids are used to being outside - today after school they were biking around the area north on 3rd Avenue.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween at 217

Where are the
If they don't
come soon, we'll
have to eat all of
this candy!

Puday - a man and his hats.

A cheesehead, a Burmese Black Cat and assorted superheroes.