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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Home Village of U CHEE

Puday has expressed sorrow over being away from his mother U Chee. I asked Puday what was the home village of U Chee. Imagine my surprise as he responded in very crisp English, "Elizabeth, New Jersey!" It turns out that the family was separated from U Chee and 3 grandchildren she was taking care of. It happened at the Bangkok airport as Puday and his family were directed to Chicago and U Chee and her charges to NJ.

They have been in contact by phone. I told Puday to be patient - they will be able to see each other again and both groups are safe.

Sarah G. took Paw Kree and the 3 youngest to the Well Child Clinic held at Holy Cross church in Batavia. They were very caring to the family as they checked over the kids.

Ginny and Vic took the twins over to Bethlehem Preschool today and got them registered. They will start on Friday. We will need some roadrunners starting Monday to get the to the preschool and back - pick up at the house at noon and pick up to return at 2:45 PM.

The family is happy to have some Thai videos brought by their Wheaton friends. At first I thought it was Mexican soap operas! Also Zolo and Nali were playing a Spiderman videogame
on the TV - not sure where they got it.

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