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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The McRib Sandwich is back!!!

And the company that creates it, Otto and Sons in West Chicago, needs extra workers. Admit it - you've wondered how the contents of the seasonal sandwich can look like a slab of ribs, albeit a small slab, but yet be boneless! Technology is the answer - meat compression machines that turn out the unnatural product 2 shifts a day. And this happens only 6 miles east of us in the industrial west side of West Chicago. We received word of a job opportunity for Puday to be part of the third shift cleanup crew from Justin at World Relief. It was a crazy afternoon of filling out applications, surviving the maze of roads at the FoxValley Mall to get a drug test done, reading OSHA food safety regulations to Dr. Naw as she translated them to Puday in K'ren. And last night he started work!

His coworkers are primarily Mexican/Hispanic workers, maybe a few Russians too. His shift is 9:30PM to 6:00 AM but he says that their work is finished by 4AM. He wears a hairnet and earplugs and a red hardhat. Also red fireman style calf length rubber boots.

It is a good start - he gets $11/hour and he seems OK with the work - "much water - cold and hot" is his description of the work. He also said "No Karen people at work!" He will be working every night until Thanksgiving Day and then they get 3 days off. He is happy to be working and starting to provide for his family. The real issue is how is he going to get any sleep with the mighty twins at play around the house!

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