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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To the Library

Puday has received the all important medical card from DHS today. All medical expenses incurred for Paw Kree's strep throat and the various trips to CDH CCC are covered. Delnor and CDH have been given the information.

I marched with the whole family earlier tonight over to the STC Library. Puday was able to register for a card himself and the kids and mom were greeted by long time libarian Denise in the children's section. She rounded up a selection of puzzles for the twins and some early reader books for ZJN (Zolo, Jackie, Nali). Puday also picked out a few VHS videos. Mu Gay Day was more interested in meeting all the other children in the library!

Ginny has checked into Bethlehem pre-school for the twins - there are openings for a M-W-F afternoon program of 10 kids and 2 teachers. Puday said this would be very good for them.

The older kids seem very interested in roller blades. Also the boys have heard of skatebords.
Does anyone have extras of these (and of course we need to check on foot sizes for the rollerblades). The kids are used to being outside - today after school they were biking around the area north on 3rd Avenue.

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