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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To the KC Health Office in Aurora

Cindy Schalk and Sarah Giachino took the whole family this morning to the KC Health Dept office in Aurora.


Jessica Delp said...

You guys are doing great! I love this blog. It makes it so easy to know what is going on and happening in this family's life. Keep up the good work

Sarah said...


Sarah said...

Sorry about the above jiberish. I accidently erased my second message so this is my 3rd attempt!
Cindy and I drove Puday, Paw Kree and the gang to the KC Health Dept this morning. On the trip down I pointed out various landmarks along the way and Puday would always repeat my words in English. We found the staff to be very helpful and they took the family right away for their 8:30 appt. Kenneth for World Relief also arrived and addressed our questions and concerns. The entire appt. lasted around 2 hours. The twins were very excited to show us the bandages on their arm where they had a blood test. Puday told the staff that his throat is soar so this will be throughly checked on Friday. They are aware of the fact that Paw Kree was diagnosed with strept throat on Sat. On the return home I told Puday to drink lots and lots of water for his throat. Cindy took Jeckie to Wredling and Nali to Munhall since it was only 10:45AM Puday is having a little trouble with the lock on the back door. We practiced but it is a little tricky. All in all a good day in the life our family.