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Monday, October 30, 2006

Family at Church

  • Wasn't it great having the family at church yesterday. Each of the kids were in Sunday School and Mu Gay Day was in the nursery. They were with their friends from Wheaton which was very handy to get the upcoming weeks schedule agreed on by all.
  • Monday, Kerri V. is taking mom and kids to the CDH CCC to have the twins complete their blood tests.
  • Tuesday, Jessica from World Relief is dropping by at 2 or 3PM to check in on them and view the volunteer log. Then at 5PM, Debb and Alexander Murphy are picking up Jeckie,Nali and Zolo for some serious trick-or-treating. Alexander is a piece of cheese while the last report from Debb was that Nali will be a Burmese Black Cat, Jeckie as Spiderman, and Zolo as Superman. Mom and Dad have candy at their house ready for any neighborhood tricksters - if you live close, drop by between 4 and 6PM and scare, I mean, greet them.
  • Wednesday, Sarah and Cindy are working together to get Mom & the 3 school kids to CDH CCC after school in order to have special followup tests done. Also Zolo needs a CBC. CDH CCC has all thwork orders with doctor's directions. They will use translation services as needed at CDH CCC.
BTW on Tues night there is a segment on PBS Frontline, channel 11, regarding the military control of Burma. Thanks to Dan Starr for pointing this out. If you miss it you can watch it on the web at after Tuesday.

When you visit make sure you check the thermostat - keep it at 68 or 70. When I saw them one morning, they had all slept downstairs because the upstairs was too cold - turns out the thermostat was set to 50!

On a more sensitive topic, the ladies at the church nursery mentioned that Mu Gay Day's diaper was very wet and he was not very tidy - can some ladies give Paw Kree a quick review of baby hygiene - I'll leave it at that.

All for now - how do you say Happy Halloween in K'ren?


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