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Monday, October 23, 2006

Some Good News on Mu Day Gay

We were able to get Mu Gay Day's blood work done at the CDH Convenient Care Center on Foxfield Drive. The results will be sent to the KC Heath Department.
It maybe the case that we can get the other follow on medical work for the rest of the family there as well - we are waiting for some confirmation of this. This would be much easier than using Aunt Martha's in Aurora.

Old fashioned rabbit ears were hooked up to the TV and Channels 7, 9, and 11 came in respectably. Also Puday was given a wireless doorbell with 2 buttons which he will install at the house.

The children are not used to wearing socks - maybe the colder weather will force the issue.

Puday mentioned that the family went to an Asian food store in Chicago over the weekend with Yo Poe's family. They stocked up on their favorites and were able to use the Link Card.

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